Excited to Share

Job Search Accountability Group for people in Senior Manager roles and up.

Excited to Share is your own personal cheer squad, a team of awesome people across the globe who join forces to support each other in the job search journey.

We’re talking about sharing goals, progress, setbacks, and those sweet, sweet victories. Imagine a bunch of friends giving each other high-fives, motivation boosts, and the inside scoop on job search hacks. 😎

My Promise

When you do land that awesome job – you will be EXCITED TO SHARE it with your LinkedIn network!

Why should you join Excited to Share?

Here's the lowdown:

🧠 Brainstorming sessions: PRACTICAL job search strategy ideas and tactics

🚀 Turbo-charged motivation: Sharing your goals with your crew means you’re more likely to stick to them

🤗 Emotional support: Job hunting can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but this group’s got your back, offering encouragement when you need it most

🌐 Boss Networking: Your new pals might have connections that could lead to your dream job, and vice versa

⏰ Time management magic: Those regular check-ins will keep you on your toes, ensuring your job search game stays strong.

How It Works

We meet every Friday at 10am ET for 45 minutes.

At every session, we will have time to share updates and discuss pre-submitted questions, for example:

Celebrating Successes

  • Acknowledge and celebrate our progress
  • Reflect on what worked well to provide insights for others

Accountability Check-ins

  • Reporting on progress toward goals
  • Share successes, challenges, and plans for the coming week or month
  • Adjust goals and strategies as needed

Emotional Support & Motivation

  • Discuss challenges and setbacks and how to overcome them
  • Create a supportive environment to share feelings and frustrations
  • Develop strategies to stay motivated during a potentially long job search

Questions? Contact Kate!

Land your dream job.

  • Who:  All genders all industries all countries – Senior Manager level and Up
  • When: WEEKLY, FRIDAYS – 10am CT for 45 minutes 
  • Where: Zoom
  • How: Practical tools and ideas, motivation, accountability, conversations, breakout rooms, FUN!
  • Why: To land that dream job!
  • How Much? Pilot price: $595 USD until you find your dream job that you are EXCITED TO SHARE! or 6 months from your start date– whichever comes first!

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