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Get Her Hired delivers interview-getting resumes, “I’m a big-freaking-deal” LinkedIn makeovers, and baller interview preparation tools for powerhouse women to land their next boss role.

Land a job as incredible as you

Resumes for women who don’t have time to fool around with DIY

Get Her Hired is on a mission to get more women into positions of power – starting with you

Our Promise: A Scroll-Stopping Resume

Does this sound familiar?
  • You are busy AF
  • You haven’t a sweet clue about how to answer Pandemic-Related or Great-Resignation type questions
  • You have been applying but getting no responses
  • You want a promotion, they need your resume – BUT you don’t know how to articulate what you’ve been doing for the last 5 years
  • You get the interviews but never the offer
  • You don’t know how to talk about a break in your employment, or how to refer to COVID related disruptions
  • You’d rather scrub the bathtub than fill out another application that’s going nowhere
  • You know you need help, but don’t have time and energy to ask all your BFFs for recommendations
  • You want more from your career
  • You’ve resigned yourself to the idea that your dream job will never happen

NO SISTER! We won’t let you suffer!

What if instead …
  • You shared your current information with a professional resume writer and they did all the work via 3x 30-minute interviews?
  • You received a perfect all-purpose resume that you could upload on your LinkedIn in less than 30 days?
  • You received a matching cover letter, thank you note templates and a LinkedIn audit that really reflect YOU?
  • And what if all of that came with a 90-day guarantee that if you DON’T score an interview, you get your money back?
Do you want to stop stressing and move on with your life? Then you need Get Her Hired.

We got you.